= BFF <3

she? spanish creature
he? the man with the hat.
both? dream team and brillian perfection.


Johnny Depp as Mathew Smith in Lucky Them . (2013)


 I have…there’s so many lyrics to choose from, when you think about the person that I’m about to bring up to the stage for a, certainly a well-deserved salute. But to go through all those lyrics is hard, so here’s what I chose: ‘I’m bored. I’m the chairman of the board. I’m a lengthy monologue, I’m like a dog, I’m bored.’ I mean if you could … fuck it, if you wrote that, you’d just be done, right? I’d close the fuckin’ book and walk away. Just, it’s over. ‘Great, I wrote that, fuck you.’ Just sayin [X]

Penelope and Javier in Cape town.